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Emergency Meal Swipe Program

Emergency Meal Swipe Program

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The Emergency Meal Swipe Program provides students that are food insecure and/or experiencing a student emergency access to several healthy and well-balanced meals in one of the university dining commons (Anteatery, Pippin, or Brandywine). 

A student requesting meal swipes must: 

    • be an enrolled undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine;
    • indicate the lack of a regular source of sufficient nourishment
    • not have an alternative source of meal options (i.e. dining hall meal plan) 
    • submit additional information as requested 

Steps to request meal swipes: 

Fill out EEE survey application:

  1. Submit your budget Worksheet & Financial Aid Award Letter to:
    • Please note: applications will not be reviewed until both of these documents are received via e-mail
  2. To access your Award Letter: (*note: if you don't receive financial aid, you may skip this step) 
    • Login to: My Aid (OFAS) 
    • Go to: My Aid Award 
    • Select: "View My Aid By Terms" 
    • Take a screenshot or make into PDF and submit via e-mail

Apply here:

Program Specifications

Meal limits:

Students are limited to 10 meal swipes per quarter with a maximum of 3 quarters of support. (exceptions may apply) 

    • 1st time applicants: show need and submit supporting documents
    • 2nd time applicants: 
      • show need & exceed their personal loans 
      • complete Schwab MoneyWise® on-campus online course (1.5 hours)
    • 3rd time applicants: 
      • show need & exceed their personal loans 
      • attend a 1-1 food consultation 


  1. Student applies on EEE and submits supporting documents via e-mail (monthly budget & Financial Aid Award Letter) 
    • Applications will only be reviewed once supporting documents have been received
  2. Within 24-48 hours: 
    • Student eligibility checked 
    • Student application accepted/denied and student is notified 
      • If accepted: 
        • Meals uploaded to student ID 
        • Student received an e-mail notification